Matthew Gent as Emcee in Cabaret

The hearts are overflowing with joy and pride for Matthew Gent who will be playing the Emcee in Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club. Having seen Matt play the Emcee we can absolutely say, hand on heart, that this will be an unmissable performance.

Nowhere celebrates the Jazz Age quite like the Kit Kat Club. The Kit Kat Club isn’t just a building though, it’s a hedonistic paradise; being at the Kit Kat Club really is a state of mind. American writer Cliff Bradshaw meets English cabaret singer Sally Bowles at the club. Nothing is easy for these dreamers though, especially when the rise of Nazism threatens their lifestyle.

For this revival, Cabaret will be set in an immersive world where artists are celebrating the end of days. In a time when the world is changing forever, there is one place where everyone can be free. This is Berlin. Relax. Loosen up. Be yourself.