Ashley Goh in The Phase

The wonderful Ashely Goh has been cast as Rowan in The Phase.

We’ve been hearing snippets of The Phase at various new musical scratch nights and concerts over the last few years and have enjoyed following its progress. We can’t wait to see this iteration of it at Vault Festival and see how it is progressing.

It’s 2014, Gay marriage has just been legalised in the UK, and Rowan and their LGBTQ+ bandmates want to sing it from the rooftops. But their all-girl Catholic secondary school has other ideas. Disbanded and reprimanded, the group has a choice: do they bow down, retreat, and let the school rules divide them? Or, through all the angsty mess of adolescence, do they unite and fight back to make a change?

Performance spaces like Vault are an integral part of the new writing eco system and vital for the development of creative talent. It’s devastating to think that this is the last year of the Vault festival in its current space.